Values and Commitments

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Values represent the type of organization we want to be. They shape MAPC’s social consciousness and allow us to assess our execution of that social consciousness.

The condition of fair and just inclusion into a society. Equity will exist when those who have been most marginalized have equal access to opportunities, power, participation and resources and all have avenues to safe, healthy, productive, and fulfilling lives. It requires restructuring deeply entrenched systems of privilege and oppression that have led to the uneven distribution of benefits and burdens over multiple generations.

What purpose do values serve?

  1. Values are an organizational consciousness that we implicitly use while making decisions

  2. Values act as a tool that we use to create and assess MetroCommon activities, goals, content, and recommendations

  3. Values help the organization assess the possibility that a strategy may advance particular principles, but have adverse effects on other principles

  4. Values provide context to potential and current partners in regards to MAPC priorities and decision making


If values ensure that we become the organization we aspire towards, commitments are processes for getting there. They are efforts to ensure that innovation, collaboration, and objectivity are present along our journey to embody our values.

We will strive to approach our work with creativity and encourage creativity in both our process and outcomes. We view creativity as the spark of imagination, playfulness, and spirit of open-mindedness in envisioning our collective future. Creativity yields inspiration from novel connections, insightful visions, and the ability to plan for the future with inventiveness so we can ensure that our resources are used sensitively and with purpose.

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